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  1. Click on the ACE Voting box to the left. 
  2. In the Voting section, you will see a list of categories. In feature categories, you may vote for up to five entries. In television categories, allowable number of votes varies by category. You may also opt not to vote in any category where you haven't seen the work.
  3. Click 'Open' to view the entries in that category. 
  4. You can view additional information for each entry by clicking the yellow button that says 'View Details.'
  5. If you would like to vote on the entry, click 'Add to Top 5' or 'Add to Top 3' which will depend on the category, but If you want to switch out your answer at any time before the voting deadline, you can click on 'remove option' and then select your new entry.
  6. Repeat these steps for each category. To switch categories, click 'change,' located in the lower right, then select the category you would like to view. 

7. Your ballot is not final until 11:59pm, January 24, 2022. You may freely make any changes up to that point. At 11:59pm on Monday, January 24 your ballot will be closed and your votes will be counted. Your votes will not be tallied until this deadline.